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2Niche – NR5
Niche – NR5
17" 18"
Matte Black Machined Lip

NR5 – Niche Series NR5 luxury wheel in Matte Black Machined Lip finish. Premium cast aluminum wheel featuring stylish design that almost became classic for sports cars. Built with high performance in mind and is available in different colors. Please feel free to call our customer service representatives on your convenience.

The purpose of our firm is mainly about needs and spicing up the cars. We put all the efforts to provide the best of wheels and tires your car want. Eventually our aim is to make your vehicle a second home. Dub Empire is the perfect place to visit and buy the custom wheels and tires for your car. We also provide used wheels and tires and size varies from 15 inch to 28 inches, Having Many brands in particular. We have wide variety of choices for known brand of cars like Ferrari , Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, Dodge, Audi etc. We design the wheels according to your wish and your need of exclusive taste can fit in your vehicle by proper customization. The wheels are very key features for the car and getting the best of wheels can eventually increase the life of your car and quality too.

We provide a No credit needed 90 day Payment option too so that one can take the wheels whenever he wants to and later pay the loans to the bank. This thing can eventually help you getting the wheels set up .We have various wheel brands like borghini, Phino, Asanti, Dub, Scarlet, Lorenzo,bentchi etc.

Our aim is to provide the best of service and we provide the best customer after support after one finishes buying either wheels or tires. We are open from Monday to Saturday 9 am to 6 pm and these allows you to come anytime whever you are free, thus we also provide all the tires be it normal tires or snow tires we have a huge collection like brands Goodrich, Saffiro, Winrun , etc